Whatley 2010 (Fusion x Moment In The Sun)

Height 36", bloom 6.5", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tet, Reblooms, Fragrant. Creamy white self with yellow to green throat. 2-3 way branching with 16 to 21 buds.

The blooms have measured from 6" to 7" over the last three years of evaluation. It has heavy substance with ribbing reminiscent of corduroy. This EMO holds wonderfully in heat and humidity and makes a beautiful clump. Fertile both ways and proving to be a wonderful parent. Reblooms occasionally (although not consistently).

Name inspiration: A special thank you to Michael Bouman for sharing this beautiful name. According to Michael,

"Ten years ago while studying the Brahms German Requiem in a festival choir in Austria, I realized that the piece is a "Sacrament of Healing" and that the music confers a form of priesthood on every performer in the ensemble. I first heard the term in the Episcopal Church, but when I looked it up just now I found it embedded in Roman Catholic tradition. Every month in our church, the clergy would administer the "Sacrament of Healing and Laying-on of Hands" for those in need, and my late wife would join many others who came forward to accept this form of grace. It is a term I carry with me, as I carry her."

In thinking about this, I felt the name perfect for this Oscie Whatley numbered seedling. Gardening and daylilies are a form of healing and solace for many whether it be from physical, mental or spritiual ailments. I hope that you all get as much peace and joy from this flower as have the people who have seen and grown it.

Note: 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this cultivar will be donated to AHS in honor of Oscie Whatley.

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